Social Innovation Conference


Please note: Ticket sales from this conference go directly to support the social entrepreneurship initiative for youth, Action Horizon Institute.

This conference is valuable for community members, educators, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and government offices.

Why is this conference valuable to nonprofits?

Nonprofits run on charitable donations and grant funding. That is not a sustainable business model. When the well runs dry it’s off to the next foundation with your hand out asking for money. This conference is about learning the process of building self-sustaining social enterprises that do not require continued donations to survive. Nonprofits will learn innovative strategies for generating revenue so they can hire permanent employees and not rely on the revolving door of interns and volunteers. Nonprofits will learn about the new legal entity, a benefit corporation, which is a different option from nonprofit that enables you to build businesses that have a lasting impact on the world.

Why is this conference valuable to government offices?

Government offices will learn how to partner with enthusiastic members of the community, local business owners, and impact investors who are interested in creating value inline with your current goals. Learn how to increase the quality and cost-effectiveness of your social services, and strengthen your impact on society even within considerable budget constraints.

Why is this conference valuable to social entrepreneurs?

Social entrepreneurs create value to serve unmet needs in their community. They attach a revenue model to the value in order turn the project into a self-sustaining business. This conference is valuable to social entrepreneurs because they will learn how to identify the most profitable business model to integrate with their community initiative. Furthermore, social entrepreneurs will learn how to prepare for funding, and how to most effectively expose themselves to impact investors.

Why is this conference valuable to impact investors?

Impact investing is still a relatively new concept, but when we saw Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic, start an impact investment fund it was clear that impact investing is here to stay. Impact investors specifically look for projects to invest in which have a social impact baked into the DNA of the business model. Keeping in mind the above outline of the four stages in the social enterprise process, an impact investor will most likely invest in projects which are transitioning from stage 3 to stage 4. This conference is valuable to impact investors because they will learn how to minimize risk when working with rising social entrepreneurs, and specific strategies for mentoring community members who will eventually become the founders of lucrative social businesses.

Building businesses is easy. Building businesses that solve social problems, on the other hand, is quite difficult. The founders of this conference, in partnership with the Princeton Impact Project, have developed a streamlined approach to building social enterprises. Looking at all the obstacles one comes in contact with when building a social enterprise it can be daunting to attempt the process of launching such a project. This conference is our contribution to building a social enterprise ecosystem in the United States of America.

What topics are covered in this conference?

The conference follows the arc of the social enterprise process which has four stages:

  1. Humanity: unlock human potential
  2. Community: identify unmet needs in the community
  3. Value Creation: create value to meet those unmet needs
  4. Business Model: attach revenue model to build a sustainable business

Why is this conference valuable to community members?

Community members searching for purpose, meaning, and are interested in learning how to unlock their potential will learn specific strategies and tactics for achieving such goals.

Attendees will leave the conference motivated and empowered with action steps for making a meaningful impact on their community.